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Thelma O'Khaz

Thelma O’khaz hails from Edo State, in South Southern Nigeria and was born on 6th of Oct. She went to Reagan  Memorial Baptist Girls Secondary School and she graduated from the University of Lagos state with a B.A in Theater Arts.

The multi-talented Thelma is an actress and a singer. She began her acting career in 2004 and ever since, her drive and determination have singled her out as an outstanding actor of repute.

She is always glowing, very pleasant, always happy, never antagonistic and good looking.

She has her own style and she can’t be unnoticed in a crowd.

Her professional approach to film roles has shot her up as one of the most sought-after actors in Nigeria today. Her first movie was "A Will To Love" and as the years went by this professional sultry actress featured in movies like Honey Moon Hotel,  Before the Vow and so many others. The movie "Costly mistake" brought her into limelight

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